Lip fillers: what to expect

  •  DO have ideas of what you want. Feel free to bring in pictures of what you are looking to achieve, it will be very helpful to our aestheticians.
  • DO be realistic with your expectations. For a drastic pump-up, you should expect to have several sessions based a month or so apart, as this isn’t recommended in one treatment.
  • DO be prepared for some discomfort. Whilst the dermal-fillers for lip injections all contain a numbing agent, with an area as sensitive as the lips, it is expected that you will likely still feel some of the injections.
  • DO ice afterward! Using ice immediately after treatment will help to minimise any bruising and swelling.
  • DO use an extra pillow whilst sleeping. This gives a little extra elevation that will also help prevent swelling.
  • DO wait about a week for the swelling to subside. This will give you a more realistic idea of what your final result will look like.
  • Before treatment, DON’T use any medication or supplements that have a blood-thinning effect. This includes, but is not limited to, aspirin, nsaid’s, St Johns wort and high doses of vitamin E supplements. These could cause bruising and bleeding at the injection sites.
  • DON’T massage your lips after treatment! You could unintentionally reduce the amount of volume achieved by squishing the dermal-fillers too flat.
  • DON’T have treatment right before a big event. It’s highly likely that your lips will swell. Therefore, we would recommend having this treatment a week before you need to look your best.
  • DON’T be scared if, despite doing everything you’re supposed to, your lips are still swollen and bruised. Your lips are exceptionally vascular and sensitive. Regrettably, bruising and swelling is a real possibility.
  • DON’T expect your lip enhancement to last forever. Your fillers, on average, will stay in place for 6-9 months.

Most of all, enjoy your new lips and feel free to contact one of our fully qualified aestheticians with any queries you may have about your treatment process and aftercare. We are always on hand to help!

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