Salipeel Chemical Peels

Here at Advanced Aesthetics, we know that every client that comes to us is unique, and not all clients will benefit from all procedures. This is why we offer a variety of procedures, for example, our chemical face peels.

Which is why we are bringing you a new, innovative procedure to our range of chemical face peels. The Salipeel chemical peel.

Salicyclic acid is the active ingredient in this innovative face peel, known for its keratolytic** and comedolytic*** properties.

Once the product is applied, it creates a white epidermolysis on pustules, papules and comedones. The upper part of the pustule breaks and allows the salicyclic acid to act from the epithelia of the follicle towards the sebaceous gland.

This is what makes Salipeel beneficial in the treatment of active acne, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea and couperose.

Salipeel also boasts anti-inflammatory properties, antipruritic, antiseptic, antimicrobial (reducing the population of Propionibacterium acnes), astringesnts, anti-ageing (accelerating the elimination of corneocytes), photoprotective (derivatives that absorb UVB radiation), and anti-epidermoplastic properties.

Feel free to contact one of our fully trained aestheticians for more information and to arrange a free consultation.

** helps to remove warts, calluses and other lesions in which the epidermis produces excess skin.

*** inhibits the formation of comedones (commonly known as blackheads and whiteheads), blemishes that form when oil and skin cells become trapped in the pore

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