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Before treatment, straight after treatment, one week post treatment.

Here is how it all begins… we notice a little crease here, maybe our lips just aren’t quite as plump as they used to be… dark circles under your eyes? Yep, I had every one of them!

Like many people, the thought of have several injections in my face petrified me! Will I like the finished result? Will it look fake? Will it hurt (being a needle phobe, this was a huge issue for me)?

Well, I can safely say that 98% of my worries flew out of the window within minutes of meetin the wonderful Steph. She is a very caring and empathetic woman, with a bright smile that immediately put me at ease. Cannot fault her at all.

So, to begin with, I opted for something simple, 1ml of filler in my lips with a small amount of cupids bow correction. (See above picture). The very first 2/3 injections, with an extremely fine needs, were uncomfortable but far from painful. To my delight, the fillers have a small amount of local anaesthetic in them so by the 4th injection, you’re numb! The treatment took about around 30 minutes, with Steph regularly checking to see how I was and if I needed a break.

The recovery worried me greatly! I had read reviews from people who had several ml in one session and were in so much pain and were so swollen! Thankfully, I was given some excellent advice regarding aftercare and how to cope with the swelling and small amount of bruising I had. Within a few days, thanks to some ice and anti-inflammatories, the swelling soon subsided.

It’s safe to say that I was happy with the results, elated to be more precise! A week later, I had my cheeks filled, chin and jawline! I am absolutely in LOVE with my new face. I still look like me but a more enchanced version of myself. I am now confident enough to leave the house without make up and 2 hours of contouring is no longer part of my beauty regime (thankfully!).

Now I’m goin one step further with botox, chemical face peel and jowl/chin reduction treatment. I’ll be sure to keep the lovely staff at advanced aesthetics informed of my recovery from my treatment, and of course let you know how I get on with my treatments!

If you’re considering some non-surgical treatment, I definitely recommend the team at Advanced Aesthetics! Faultless!!!

Thanks ladies! Miss H xx