Specialist Services

Here at Advanced Aesthetics, we endeavor to help you reach your goals… Whether it is to turn back the years, enhance your natural features or combat acne scars, we have an option for you!

  • PDO threadlifts are a fantastic was to combat the first signs of ageing and is aimed at people who are 30+ years of age. PDO threads can be administered to a variety of areas: cheeks, jawlines, wrinkled skin around the eyes and crows feet, nasolabial folds and more!
  • Skin peels are the perfect way to give yourself smooth, glowing and soft skin with almost no down time. A fast, effective and non-invasive procedure that will leave you feeling and looking fantastic. We offer two types of face peels, obagi blue and TCA.
  • Our acne treatments use a combination of face peels and fillers to reduce scarring on the face. Our aestheticians want only the best for our clients. With a vast amount of research, we found the perfect combination of treatments to reduce acne scarring. This treatment works on all skin tones with minimal downtime.
  • Fillers are a great way to plump out the skin, giving more structure and volume. Our hyaluronic acid fillers also have proven long-term, anti-aging benefits. Studies have shown that the injection of stabilized hyaluronic acid (found in various fillers) stimulated collagen production. We offer fillers in various areas, please see our price page for specific areas.