Acne scar reduction

We offer a solution to erasing the scars that acne leaves behind with proven-effective treatment.

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With the British Skin Foundation finding that 95 per cent of acne sufferers say it impacts their daily lives, and 63 per cent experience lower self-confidence, we here at Advanced Aesthetics decided that only the most effective and state of the art treatments were offered to help acne sufferers— who we think deserve a break from worrying about scars left by an already uncomfortable condition.

Whilst we will always advise that acne breakouts are treated by your dermatologist and/GP, here at Advanced Aesthetics, we offer a solution to erasing the scars that acne leaves behind with proven-effective treatment.

Many of our clients come to us after trying many creams full of empty promises, prescription medication and laser treatments— usually yielding little to no results. This had our head practitioner, Stephanie Hughes, researching the newest and most promising aesthetic treatments for acne scarring after eventually deciding to use a combination of chemical face peels and hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to treat some atrophic scars, with excellent results.

Results are instantaneous and continue improve over several weeks thanks to the multiple advantages from the procedure: physical lifting up and out of the scar, and collagen development that often follows from stimulation in the dermis by the needle. Pigmentation from the scarring and old skin cells are removed with our peel so leave you with plump, fresh skin with scar reduction increasing with every treatment.


Why have acne scar treatments?

Many of our acne scar customers have experienced low self esteem from living with scars left behind form acne, this is not something you have to live with.

Treatment Length

Schedule varies from client to client depending on severity of scaring and skin type.


Can be applied to any problem areas of the body.

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Before treatment

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After treatment

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“Following a consultation I had a series of chemical peel treatments to address my ongoing acne issue and my scaring.

Once my skin had settled and my scars reduced we started work on filling the deeper set scars with filler.

My skin hasn’t looked this smooth in years! Thank you so much.”

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