Aqualyx is a treatment of liquid injections which melt away stubborn pockets of fat on the body.

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Aqualyx is a state of the art preparation, used for fatty tissue reduction. It is the popular outcome of research started in 2002, culminating with the development of the revolutionary fat dissolving injection. 

By injecting the solution of Aqualyx and numbing agents directly into those pockets of pesky, stubborn fat, our practitioners can selectively target unwanted fat cells and destroy them. This is what makes these painless injections most suitable for concentrated areas such as chin, jawline, bra bulges, even the infamous “bingo wings”!

It can also be used in conjunction with our weight loss methods for a contoured, more defined result.


Why have Aqualyx?

If you’re worried about carrying extra weight, Aqualyx injections can be used to break down fat in a controlled way, so your body can safely remove it.

Treatment Length

Treatment length is dependant on application area.


The most suitable application of Aqualyx include areas such as chin, jawline, bra bulges, even the infamous “bingo wings”.

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Before treatment

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After treatment

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“After putting a little bit of weight on I really struggled to get it back off in a few little stubborn pockets. I had a couple of small chins, a pocket around the belly button and them little unsightly bits by my underarm that’s hung out of my bra ... with a goal weight of just one chin I decided to go ahead with the Aqualyx treatment

My chin - 1 treatment was plenty

The other two took 2 treatments.

Advanced Aesthetics providing the best aftercare with follow up appointments that included radio frequency and 40k cavitation therapy to help my results along.

Loving my results !”

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