Lymphatic Drainage

Perfect for anyone with water retention, on a weight loss journey, or looking to boost their immune system.

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A manual lymphatic drainage massage is an extremely gentle treatment, which helps the lymphatic system boost productivity.

Why is this a good thing?

Here at Advanced Aesthetics, we don't just look after your exterior. We are here to look after your overall wellbeing which is why we decided to offer a non-invasive procedure which stimulates the action of the lymphatic system— increasing drainage of toxins and the delivery of nutrients to cells, making a lymphatic drainage massage perfect for anyone with water retention, individuals on a weight loss journey, someone who is seeking a boost to their immune system and much more.


Why have lymphatic drainage?

The lymphatic system is an integral part of your immune system, flushing out toxins helps support the upkeep of a great immune system.

Treatment Length

Length of treatment is usually 30-60 mins.

“I received a lymphatic drainage treatment as I suffer badly with my Sinuses causing me Terrible headaches . After having this treatment and continuing the after treatment Advice I must say that the headaches have reduced by 80% and my breathing is 100% better . I've suffered with my Sinuses for 30+ years and this is the best treatment I've ever found or had I am looking forward to having it done again in the future. the treatment as well as the professional respectful way your treated is outstanding thank you so much Steph.”

Interested in lymphatic drainage?

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