Hyperhidrosis treatment

Scientifically proven to significantly reduce and, in a high percentage of cases, stop excessive sweating.

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Hyperhidrosis is a rare medical condition that causes excessive sweating. Whilst perspiration, or ‘sweat’, is a normal bodily excretion, hyperhidrosis sufferers sweat too much, often leading to discomfort and embarrassment. Thankfully, there are cost effective solutions and here at advanced aesthetics, we offer only the best!

Botox, a product routinely used in many non-surgical procedures, is a safe and scientifically proven treatment for hyperhidrosis. With botox injections being scientifically proven to significantly reduce and, in a high percentage of cases, stop excessive sweating, it offers the ideal solution for hyperhidrosis.

You may be wondering if there is any discomfort during the procedure, but there is no need to worry. We offer the option to use a topical numbing agent on the area, making any discomfort from the injections as minimal as possible.


Why have hyperhidrosis treatment?

If you suffer from excessive localised sweating this treatment can make a huge difference, providing you with relief and reinstating your confidence.

Focal hyperhidrosis: When the excessive sweating is localised. For example, palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating of the palms and soles of the feet)

Generalised hyperhidrosis: Excessive sweating affects the entire body. If you suffer with Generalised hyperhidrosis this is likely to be related to medication or a medical condition and we advise you go to see your GP.

Treatment Length

Treatment takes 30 mins per area of treatment.


Anywhere on the body. Most common areas are heads, top lip, underarm, hands & feet.

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“Advanced Aesthetics had been recommended to me by another clinic for treatment of hyperhidrosis.

I’ve suffered for several years now with it severely on my top lip and armpits. I am so happy with the results. Literally feel so much more comfortable and confident in myself. My only regret is that I waited so long to try it!”

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