Body Sculpting

The process of toning your muscles much more painful, even causing stiff aching joints.

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We've all had annoying and stubborn fat that won't budge, or suffer with one of many medical conditions that can make the process of toning your muscles much more painful, even causing stiff aching joints... and whilst the practitioners at Advanced Aesthetics will always suggest healthy eating and exercise as a primary source of toning and sculpting your body, we're also people too!

We understand that this isn't always possible; life can become hectic and the gym isn't always a possibility but that doesn't mean you can't have the shape you've always wanted!

That's why our lead practitioner, Stephanie Hughes, has been extensively trained in several state of the art body sculpting techniques! Cellulite reduction, non-surgical booty lifts, flatter more toned abdomen and give your physique some definition- you can be rest assured that with our combination of radio frequency, ultrasound cavitation, LED light therapy, bio electric stimulus and more, we are positive we can find the most effective treatment for you. 

 We will require you to attend a free consultation with one of our practitioners, who are fully trained, so we can discuss all of your options and tailor every part of your body sculpting journey to meet your needs.


Why have Body Sculpting?

If you’re worried about fat that won’t budge or have a medical condition which means you struggle to tone your muscles, body sculpting may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Body sculpting is also popular with postpartum mothers, competitive sportspeople and anyone who’s interest in the “Brazilian Booty Lift”.

Treatment Length

Treatment length is 1 and a half hours.

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Before treatment

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After treatment

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Here at Advanced Aesthetics, we like to tailor our treatment to match a

clients individual needs, so we'd ask that you book a free consultation with

our lead practitioner - Stephanie Hughes.

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“Before having the treatment I hadn't had anything like it before and was really nervous, but Steph was amazing and made me feel so comfortable, I knew I was in safe hands. As soon as I finished the first session, I could see a difference and the changes kept getting better and better of the course. I'm so pleased and happy I chose to have it done and with Steph too! I wouldn't go to anyone else.”

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