Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal safely and effectively removes tattoo ink from the skin, making your unwanted tattoos a thing of the past.

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Whether it's a misspelled word or something that you thought was fun and cool at 18, but not so much at 40, we can certainly agree that some tattoos are mistakes. If you have regrettable ink, we at Advanced Aesthetics and Academy may not be able to turn back the years and prevent you from getting tattooed in the first place, but what if there was a way to remove the tattoo with as little downtime as possible? We can turn that ‘forever’ tattoo into a ‘like it never happened’ in several sessions.

You may have seen creams and topical lotions online that offer tattoo removal services, but we can assure you that these do not work efficiently. Instead, the only way to effectively fade, reduce and to get anywhere close to 100% removal is with laser technology; this penetrates deep under the first layer of your skin to break up the ink particles.

As always, we would advise a consultation with one of our friendly staff to assess your skin type and to discuss your options, but there is no safer or more effective option than our state of the art laser removal services.

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