The Fox Eye Lift

Who doesn’t dream of having big, beautiful cat-like eyes?

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Who doesn’t dream of having big, beautiful cat-like eyes? Well your prayers have been answered thanks to the hugely popular PDO thread eye lift, otherwise known as the “fox eye lift”. It’s a highly sought after, relatively pain-free procedure which has taken the world of beauty by storm with its stunning results and super quick turn around. It can literally be done on your lunch break. 

PDO threads is now seen as one of the most innovative, non-surgical treatments available on the market today – and the specific fox eye feature is extremely popular as it offers that beautiful swept-back shape, while it also reduces sagging of the upper eyelid and helps revitalise droopy eyes, all without the need for surgery or dermal fillers. The fox eye lift is designed to lift the outer corners of your eyes and flick the tail of your eyebrow, giving the eye a very desirable shape, while also helping to reduce sagging related to age. The treatment is popular with several high-profile celebrities because of the beautiful eye shape that can be created. 

The procedure, which is also making waves in Hollywood and the celebrity world, is a relatively simple, painless procedure which involves using dissolvable threads to pull the outer brow and eye corner to boost and lift any sagging of the upper eyelid. At Advanced Aesthetics, we understand the need to work with each and every individual to recognise the perfect amount of lift to give the eye in order to achieve the perfect result for all clients. 

PDO threads use dissolvable structures to rejuvenate and help lift sagging skin by adding some much-needed volume in order to give you back that all-important glamorous appearance. Thanks to the use of a local anaesthetic, our team of professionals work to make the experience as pain free as possible. The whole procedure will usually last anywhere from 6-12 months, but the real beauty of this treatment is that it can be repeated for fresh results in the future, without breaking the bank.  

It is advisable to have a day off but you should be fine to return to work the day after treatment. You may have some swelling and bruising which will settle after around a week and shouldn’t be too visible. The fox-eye lift is just one of the brilliant courses available as part of the PDO threads treatments we offer here at Advanced Aesthetics.  

One of the main reasons these specialist treatments are incredibly popular is the fact that they have a much lower risk of complications than going under the knife. Unfortunately, old father time catches up with all of us, but, fortunately, we can help you delay the ageing process by getting ion touch with one of our experts, who are on hand to give your cheeks, jaw, neck or eyes that added boost to make you feel young again or just give you that added lift to help really enhance those facial features.  

If this is all getting a little confusing, fear not, our fully qualified, highly skilled practitioners at Advanced Aesthetics are available to run each and every fascinating detail attached to what great results can be achieved with just a little PDO thread lift. At Advanced Aesthetics, we really do possess the magic touch in all things beauty and aesthetics, so for a free, no-obligation consultation or just for a few words of advice, give us a call on 07980 548 196 or email:

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