Fight off those signs of ageing and help restore that natural glow.

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This highly desirable treatment is hot off the press as it is the perfect agent to fight off those signs of ageing and help restore that natural glow. Here at Advanced Aesthetics, we are proud to have built up a loyal group of clients who swear by this innovative method to keep them feeling great for months on end. 

Sunekos is an injectable treatment, which one of our fully trained technicians will perform when the time comes – and it’s completely different to filler treatments as it uses a patented formula, formed from the building blocks of life, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. The reason it is linked to such fascinating results – here comes the scientific part – is that is capable of regenerating the extra cellular matrix of your skin, which creates dermal biogenesis – which, simply put, plumps the treated tissue and leaves it freshly hydrated and feeling fantastic. It will find its way into the deep layers of your skin, working its magic to leave you with a desirable volumising effect, plus it gives off a major boost to your elastin and collagen, the main cogs in the skin’s nourishment and elasticity. 

Winner of the Safety in Beauty Innovation and Pioneering award two years ago, it is ideal for helping to bring back that volume around your eyes, while also boosting sagging skin, wrinkles or fine lines. A non surgical treatment, it is also suited to help tackle laxity on your neck and face as it has the ability to help restore a natural-looking, youthful appearance – and get you feeling ready to tackle anything that life throws at you without a care in the world. 

With a selection of knowledgeable and highly motivated medical practitioners on board at Advanced Aesthetics, you’ll be in safe hands to correct any issues regarding lines and wrinkles, skin crepiness, sunken skin which is in need of some added volume, elasticity, dehydrated or sun-damaged layers. Plus, we’ll be able to offer that extra structural support to your structure. We also have specialists to cover every area of aesthetics so if you are concerned about deeper or more advanced wrinkles, fear not, we’ll talk over the best plan of action, while your specific requirements will be assessed prior to undergoing treatment. 

Typically, these treatments can be completed within less than an hour, while the stunning finish can last up to six months. However, once you’ve achieved your perfect look, we will advise you on the best way to make sure it lasts beyond the typical time frame. We’ll also offer some friendly words of advice on any other treatments that may work well to bring out the best in you.  

These procedures are all relatively pain free, as well as being cost-effective. In order to reach your beauty goals, we advise a free, full consultation to really get to the bottom of what product and treatment plan is going to bring out the best results in you.

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